Thank you for helping Half The Road become whole. 

There is an incredible process that takes place between a first-time filmmaker’s initial dream-statement, “I want to make a film…” to the finished product of a feature-length documentary.  With nothing but the initial support of a few brave souls—both friends and strangers—who took a chance on our vision, we were able to film the entirety of HALF THE ROAD on a $9K filming budget. It wasn’t easy. Kevin and Kathryn had more than one dinner at an Exxon Mobile Mart. But it was worth every salty, fake-cheese cracker.  Long live art, sport and social movement!

Now that the film is completed, we still need donations to help with the following expenses:
–Distribution  (DVD packaging, downloads, streaming)
–Film festival entry fees
–Film festival travel expenses
–Screening rights (Olympic footage…it ain’t cheap).

We are honored by every dollar donated, no amount is too small. Thank you for helping HALF THE ROAD thrive to its fullest potential.


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  • Leave blank if donating anonymously.
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When it comes to making a film about women’s cycling, we get by with a little help from our friends.

Johnathan Devich