Half The Road is proud to welcome two Executive Producers on board. Their guidance and generosity has enabled our film to gain worldwide exposure. Thank you, Jeff Lund and Kellogg LTD.




Jeff Lund was born in North Dakota and earned a degree in Aviation from the University of North Dakota. After working 6 years in corporate aviation for the National Business Aviation Association he decided to leave the aviation industry and pursue a full-time career in the entertainment industry.

Jeff joined the famed “O” show with Cirque du Soleil in the Fall of 2001. He continued pursuing higher education and earned an MBA from the University of Phoenix. While in school he continued to maintain his position as Company Manager for the last eight years for four different shows (Mystere, CRISS ANGEL Believe, KA and TOTEM). Jeff is a juggler of a different sort, constantly coordinating everything from 65 trucks transporting the big top operations to residential shows with casts of over 80 artists. He continues to manage the traveling Big Top production – TOTEM.

Early 2013, Jeff Lund Productions, LLC was launched to create, develop and produce new ground breaking projects that will also educate viewers. The first project, directed by Robert M. Osorio, was a seven minute documentary that explores the strong connection between passion for life and beauty.  The story follows the journey of three artists who show that life, like beauty, is yours to define and design.

Jeff decided to get involved with HALF THE ROAD not only to bring awareness to the issue of inequity on women’s pro cycling, but in hopes that it will inspire people to get involved and take actions to give equality to all in the pro cycling community .It is clear to see the passion that Kathryn brings to this documentary is sure to bring positive change for the pro cycling industry.”


KELLOGG Limited.

Pete Bertine is a seed level venture capitalist and CEO of Kellogg Limited–a Brooklyn based benefit corporation that helps secure funding for community business and art programs.
Pete’s aim is not only to achieve a good rate of return for investors–he also attempts to help fund projects that might otherwise be overlooked.
Pete’s interest in pro cycling is genetic…he has always admired his sister Kathryn’s athleticism and passion for the sport.
When Pete learned of his sister’s plan to make ”Half the Road”– a documentary chronicling the glory and struggles of female racers in the pro cycling world–he immediately wanted to contribute.
He hopes the film will help spread the word about the unique contributions women have made and continue to make in pro cycling and he feels, ”It is high time women like my sister are treated with fairness and recognition in this male dominated sport.”

Johnathan Devich