Kevin and Carson and Camera

Kevin Tokstad is a filmmaker with 20 years experience in corporate and commercial film production.

He got his start working on infomercials for Soloflex and Nordic Track for Tyee productions. From there he helped launch the film and video department for the newly re-formed adidas America.

Eight years and countless marketing and video projects later, Tokstad went on to become the second employee at Big Shot pictures where he was an in-house director/dp/editor. Among other things, Big Shot may be best known for their infomercials for Bowflex and Nutrisystem.

After moving to Hood River, Oregon to help his wife launch the new women’s swim and activewear brand Melika, Tokstad began his own production company, Springwound.
These days he spends his time working on video projects for clients, mountain biking, snowboarding and raising his three-year-old son with his wife, Melissa.

Johnathan Devich